Friday, February 18, 2011

My first piece of furniture!

I know the picture is not great but this is a project I did before I started blogging. This is a daybed I made recently. My first peice of furniture! Now I did have some help with cutting wood. I am a little afraid of big saws. You can probably tell the back is a door. My original plan was to ind a 4 panel door. Those were hard to come by so I adapted. I stumbled on this door at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore (I love that place!). I thought it had great bones. So I paid $30 for it and I bought another door for the base where the mattress would go. I wanted to find 2-4 panel doors and cut one in half to form ends. Perhaps at some point I will add that.

You will see in the next photo that I used deck type boards to make the frame and used some scrap 4X4 posts that I had cut off when I built my picket fence.

You can see more of the door here. You can see I also used deck post rails to finish out the back. I love the wear on the door but I originally planned to paint the post and then distress them. I haven't done it yet though. What do you think?

Here are a few more pictures! I hope it gives you the courage to do something new and stir up your creative ideas.

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  1. Wow, I love that bed! Great job. Love the black and white fabrics also. Where did you get the bedspread?