Friday, February 11, 2011

My mantle!

Remember just because you don't have a fireplace does not mean you can't have a mantle. Here is mine.

What do you think? I love my collection of family photos. Am thinking of adding some black loating shelves above to put the smaller pictures on so I have room to put some other "stuff" on it. I love blending more modern items and the vintage.

Check out this photo! This is my great grandmother's Singer sewing machine. I even have the 1929 operators manual. I was inspired by Southern Hospitality blog where I saw her using a Singer as a bedside table. My was stuffed in the closet and the top well somebody decided to paint the top white. I don't really want to paint it all white because I like the wood color here so I came up the taking some burlap....(my favorite) and covered the top using velcro so it is temporary and I can change it. I also have an enamel table top I can put on there if I need to. I plan to use this as a little laptop desk.

Next week my other work load may pick up. How often would you like to see a post?

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