Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is coming!

I am so happy with the sunny days we are having! It is amazing how spring makes us look at things in an entirely new way. Yesterday I walked around outside and brought in a black and rusty plant stand and added a plant. I placed it by the front door along with the old screen door I purchased last week.

I didn't do alot to the screen door...sanded the edges and put some burlap and cork on the back but I decided to leave the screen on so it does not show.It was not my intent but I am leaving it for now. I think the door will be a work in progress and will evolve as I develop other ideas. I thought about putting some small crosses on it or some hooks but you know that feeling you get when you have an idea but something says no just wait. Well I am there so for now it is in the entrance. Do you have any ideas?

Here are a couple of items I picked up this week. A little sugar bowl and a birdcage. Aren't they cute?

I am going to tease you a bit today. Remember the 1/2 table and chair I bought the other day? I painted it. On the table I used Mrs. Mustard Seed's glaze mix with the Espresso beans paint and it came out great. This picture just shows he base paint. Here is a picture.



I am saving a better picture for another day. I also found a top to an old small china cabinet that was the right size I thought I would sit it on the table/desk but it took up too much space. I decided to hang it over the table to put my books, pencils, staples and some pretty items. I am still staging it and thinking of lining it with some scrapbook paper to lighten up the inside.

Oh well....I will let you in on the finished product but I don't have the cabinet saged ye so I will updae that later.

I think the chair is especially sweet.  It is amazing what can be done with a little paint. I would not have had the chair as it was in my house but now it is so clean and sharp and almost modern looking.  Hope you like it!

Be sure to invite your friends over to my blog. I am new to this but I hope you will like some of my ideas.



  1. That turned out so pretty. Love them both in white. The chair looks completely different. Great job!

  2. Looks great, i love the table.

  3. Love the half table. It really looks nice.

  4. That's a great lil table. Good job!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  5. That's a great working table. Love your paint technique.