Saturday, March 26, 2011

The essence of Spring!

Other than the blooming of plants nothing says spring like new babies.  I was so blessed yesterday.  There is a pasture down the road from where I live where they board horses.  Yesterday when we passed we notice a foal laying on the ground and there was a couple of cars slowing down and looking.  I told my son I had not seen any foals downt there and it might have just been born.  The mother was standing over her.  We went on and did some shopping and I said let's go back by on the way home.  As I got near there were several cars and people were standing near the fence so I pulled over and stopped.  I was afraid something was wrong with the baby since it had been on the ground.  My son said look that is the one we saw earlier.  As I get closer the horse has just had this baby.  Mom was on the ground and so was the baby.

We stayed until she stood up for the first time but my batteries died!  Here are the other pictures I took as she was trying to find her legs

Uh oh!

We got to see her get on her spindly little legs waving in the wind.  It only took around 30 - 45 minutes and then she was trying to take little steps.  It was an amazing experience.

This is the baby we had seen on the ground the day before....she was born the day before.

Well she is hiding behind her mom.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of spring.


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  1. I actually got to watch a foal being born once and it was so amazing. What a beautiful experience!