Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Crazy Life!

Hi ya'll!  Well let me show you what I have been up to.  I want to show you some of the thrift pieces I picked up recently and how they have evolved or where they have landed.  First I bought this frame a month or so ago and have been trying to decide what I would do with it and I was inspired by someone out there...sorry cannot remember whose blog it was and so I added some chicken wire to it. And voila!

I am not sure what I am going to hand on it yet but I will keep you informed.

I also found these pretties this week.  A sweet tea pot ($3) , a Italian pottery platter for $5, a creamer ($1), a shelf ($5.99), a metal typing table ($7.99),  and a ladder ($5.00).

I saw someone on a blog in the last couple weeks who re-painted one of these.   I don't remember who but I was inspired and plan on painting a bright color and perhaps use it for plants. I just found who it was 3 Ring Cottage.  Thanks for inspiring me!

And here is my sweet little ladder with an old weather board from my Grandmother's and some tin and rusty old tools from her barn.  What do you think?

A little bit Funky Junk inspired don't you think?

Oh yeah and I also decided this week to open a booth in a local flea market/antique store which I did Saturday morning.  Here is a picture of my booth after I set it up.

Wow for some reason I am tired this week.  I wonder why.  Oh yeah and in my spare time I built this frame along with my son for my sink.  Now it is not the best thing you will ever see but sometimes when no one is around to help you you do what you can so I am happy for now.

How you like those legs?  lol Oh well...I say it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried.  Now it is not a total failure but I won't be entering any contests with it! 

And look at my beautiful bridal wreath spirea!  Isn't she lovely?
 Oh yeah and I do have a job on top of all this and my blogging.  How do I do it?  Well I know you ladies out there all know what I am talking about.  Be sure to read about the foal I saw born this week too!  Overall it was a blessed week. I pray you all find inspiration in all you do.  Don't listen to the negative news....God is still all around.


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  1. Great finds and congrats on opening your booth!

    :D Lynda

  2. I just went antiquing at a string of marketplaces (my head is still reeling at the fact they went for miles...) and now feel the need to go back and get some dishes like you have! They are beautiful!

  3.'ve got a lot going on! I really like the white platter and the ladder and tin bucket. Good luck on your booth in the flea market/antique shop.

  4. I love the ladder and the spirea is gorgeous and reminds me of my childhood. Visiting from Marty's. ♥Olive

  5. Like the white platter- I'm an aficionado of white stoneware and pottery.Good luck with your new booth! Welcome to blogland- looks as if you're new to blogging. There are a lot of talented and friendly people out here who are always willing to help the newbies.
    :-) Sue

  6. You have been a busy girl.That spirea is georgeous! I would use the chicken wire frame to hang notes or pictures, with clothespins.

  7. Great finds! Congrats on your booth. I just opened a booth too!

  8. I love thrifty finds, thanks for sharng! Hope the booth goes well. :) Happy to see your creative idea linked up last week at my K.I.S.S. blog bash. Looking forward to seeing what great project you share this week, remember the link is open until tonight @ midnight {CST}.

    Drop by The Tattered Tag