Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Look what I found!

First I want to thank all my new followers for joining up! 

These finds are from a couple weeks ago.  I haven't had time to share these.  Here is one I found a couple weeks ago at Goodwill.  A cute chippy white wicker shelf. 

And this.....somewhere along the way. 

Isn't it sweet? 

This came off the door that I used to make my day bed!  Look at the gorgeous patina.  I am trying to figure out something interesting to do with it.  Any ideas?

I found this sweet picture at T.J. Maxx the other day. There were several different pictures.  For $12.95 I don't think I can beat it.   

I have a new idea...I saw something on a blog today that inspired me....I wish I could remember which site it was.  I am going to take this board and add hooks and put it in this little spot behind the door to hang coats and purses.  I just have to find some interesting hooks. 

What have you found lately?  Email me and tell me about it.  Oh yeah and for you ol' timers  How do you keep up with all these blogs and remember  what is where?  I think I need to start taking notes.

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  1. So funny I take notes!!!
    And then I print stuff I like so I can copy it!

    Maybe you saw it from Michelle

    Welcome to the world of Blogging!! Nice to meet you!
    Stop by sometime!

  2. Lucky gal! Great finds!...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


  3. OH! Idea for your door handle! I saw it in one of my decor mags YEARS ago, and have the page cut out to make my own someday, but your handle would be perfect: Mount the handle to an old piece of barn wood or for a juxtaposition, clean white board, and hang the board in your bathroom/kitchen... slip a hand or tea towel threw the handle, and voila: instant shabby chic towel holder! :) ideas, ideas!