Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Grandmothers Dresser!

I finally got the courage to do it.  My Mom will probably not be happy.  Oh well.  My grandmother's dresser you saw a week or so ago in my bedroom.  I decided to paint it.  I started with white paint from Martha Stewart's collection called Picket Fence.

I would call the wood on this dresser a walnut.  I liked the top but overall it had no pizazz.  So I painted it Picket Fence white from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot.

It has a bit of gray undertone.  And here it is!

Sigh.....not so great.  So I decided to sand the edges and give it a little chippy look.

I like the edges once I sanded it.  I went back to Mrs. Mustard Seed's blog to review some of her paint projects and found several pieces of furniture she had simply stained the top and painted the rest. So I thought well that would have been good to do but I had already painted it.  I continue with my sanding and well let's this dresser has a mind of its own because my paint on the top started peeling.  So I said well let me keep sanding and see what  happens.  I proceeded to sand and peel off the paint I just put on. 
I got it to this point.  I kind of like it.  Then I saw Mrs. Mustard Seed's French Chair paint project and I adapted it.  I had seen some great shades of blue in the Martha Stewart Collection so I went back and bought a sample of the Aegean blue.  Isn't it gorgeous. 

She started with a base of a fairly dark blue then a grey color mixed with glaze dry brushed on and then an antique glaze.  Of course I have the white.  I decided to use her recipe and make a glaze with the blue and then I have some of her glaze recipe with Espresso Bean Behr paint from a project a couple weeks ago. 

First I dry brushed on the Aegean Blue.

It is a nice and soft blue and reminds me of robins egg blue.  You can make it out a little better looking at the paint chip.

You can see the shades more here. It is a very soft blue. My pictures really aren't great here.  I have tried shooting the pictures at different times with and without flash but it is not showing up authentic.  We are a little over cast here today.  I don't know if a brighter day might help.  Any suggestions?

Well these pictures are not very good. I like it but I have that feeling know the one that says "It needs something else". Perhaps I should paint it solid blue?  It is such a pretty color.  Well here we go round 3.

And still it is not showing up well.   HELP!  What do you all think  I need your help.  Where is Mrs. Mustard Seed when I need here?!
Look at these 3 pots I purchased at Target in the dollar bins in the they were not a dollar.  They were $2.50 each still a good buy and look at the color.  The candlestick $1 at Goodwill.  I am thinking I will paint it silver and maybe glue a glass or silver plate on top. Or maybe a pretty plate.

I also picked up this cute little miniature curio cabinet.  It almost looks like a hutch.  I am thinking of painting it white or maybe my Aegean Blue.  

I am very anxious to hear your feedback. 

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  1. That's the beauty of paint. It can be a work in progress until we really "feel" it's what we want. Miss Mustard Seed just can't be beat on paint technique. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  2. Here are my 2 cents, I think it will look better if you paint the top too, a more uniform look. The rest I think looks great, good job!
    XXX Ido

  3. I just got through painting a piece in my bedroom and the "body" is a creamy white and I stained the top walnut and I LOVE it! But that is just me! I think it is pretty with the body painted the blue color and maybe sand the edges and then wipe a glaze over it to give it that aged look. I think it is going to be fabulous no matter what you end up doing to it!

    Love your other finds too!

    Lou Cinda :)

  4. I think you've got an awesome project going, it's going to be fabulous!

    Happy I found your blog, will be back!


  5. I would paint the top the same as the other finish. I think it's going to look great when you are done and add some pretty knobs!
    Thanks for linking up to my Share the love link party--add a link back to the party when you have time!

  6. One thing I always do is prime my wood first. It is so worth the effort. It holds the paint on better, the paint looks better and goes on better. I believe this wood looks like oak to me but that is just from your close up picture. I love this painted by the way.

  7. I'm back again. If you want inspiration for this piece, go look at this site.

  8. It's frustrating when we can't achieve the dream we envision - you'll get there, don't give up yet, it's looking good. I would personally paint the bottom and glaze over it. The top, remove any more paint you have left on it and stencil a word or nice damask accents, then sand it down a bit and glaze (to add the weathered look) and varnish over the top. Do-it stores also have nice little appliques that you could plop on the sides or fronts for a more ornate look. Looking forward to seeing your finished piece.

  9. I LOVE the look of two-toned (top a stained wood and bottom painted) pieces but I think because of the mirror, a more uniform look will be best on the piece. I just finished a dresser in a robins egg blue (Sherwin Williams Rain) and then antiqued it by with sandpaper and glaze. I put oil rubbed bronze knobs from Target on it and I LOVE how it turned out. I think if you keep on going with your blue color it will turn out just perfect.

  10. The great thing about paint is that nothing is permanent! I think you have 2 choices...three actually, but stripping the entire thing is your third choice and its not very fun. Choice 1: paint the whole thing the same color and distress and glaze a bit. 2. Strip only the top and stain it, leaving the bottom the gorgeous blue. Either way, you can't lose!

  11. What a beautiful piece of furniture you have there!! And it's real wood, so you can keep trying until you get the look you want!
    I love the way the piece looks in the last photo. I think I would paint the bottom the blue, sand the top and stain it, then paint the mirror either the blue, or maybe even leave it white. The mirror doesn't neccessarily have to look like it came with the dresser. In fact, I think I would leave it white, so that it would look like it wasn't part of a set. Or maybe just leave out the mirror completely and put some accesories on top of the dresser.
    At any rate, it is a beautiful dresser. It's going to be so lovely when it is finished!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. What a beautiful piece of furniture! I really like it with that wonderful blue on the bottom and sanding and staining the top. And that little curio cabinet you found is a sweet thrifty treasure! Thank you for joining me in my first TTF party! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  13. Well I love the direction you are going. Seeing I just painted some guest room furniture robin eggs blue, I love it. I think continue, distress and wax..check out miss mustard seed she has a video up. Would love to see you at my newbie party come Monday. New friend here as well.

  14. Hi there- I am loving how your dresser looks~ I hear your frustration!!! I think a solid color- and I am loving the blue. I think some pretty glass knobs or something you like would be great. Keep tinkering with it- sometimes walking away for a couple of days and coming back gives you a fresh perspective. Good luck and thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  15. I agree with" Ido". You can keep the blue, but you should paint the top. It should look uniform because of the mirror. Once it is all covered in white, you can start to add hints of blue and sand it down. In the areas where you want more blue just add a little more and take away if it is too much.

  16. I love the idea of continuing with the blue! I think you will get to a point where you will realize that you have finally gotten the look you want and will love it. Thanks so much for sharing this last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)