Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome Home!

I have been posting for a few weeks now and I have not given you a tour of my home.  Over the next few weeks I will feature different areas of my home.

The front door opens into my open living room, kitchen, and dining area.  I love that it is an open house because my home is small and there are less boundaries to move around furniture and I do love to move furniture.  You can ask my son!  My favorites in this room is the gallery wall which is to the left when you enter the front door.  It has evolved over time. Here is an early edition.

Here is the most recent edition.

I like texture so you will find many different types of wall art. Architectural pieces, canvases, framed photos of my trip to Rome, my angel out off barnwood, and my candle sconce.  I like to add in different textures and shapes.

Here are some closer shots.  My pictures from Rome are the four across the top and the angel which you see on my blog also.  All the pictures have either architecture or angels. 

Tucked in the left corner on the gallery wall is my 1/2 table and hutch which fits just perfect. 

As you can see I have these dark rich wood end tables from one of my favorite stores World Market.  I also have the wood trunk as a coffee table which is filled my old magazines I cannot part with!

For a few years I had added a touch of red in the living room but I am shifting much of that out for a more neutral pallet which calms the room since I have so much and so much texture.  I am using much more whites, creams, khaki with blacks and silvers.  These lamps I bought several years ago at Walmart and I just love them.  Lamps seem to be one of my obsessions these days. 

My curtains I bought the end of the summer last year from Target.  They are a white on white stripe and I was amazed when I put them up at the difference they made in the room. I also have dark bamboo blinds which I love. 

Now looking back toward the front door you see the metal piece which is from the old door screen from my grandmother's house.  I have added in my collection of crosses that have grown over the past few years. The red tile hook is made from old ceiling tiles which I bought at a local art festival.  My clock I love along with this picture.

A new edition to my living room is this great mantle shelf I found a few months back.  I love these angel wings.  These came from TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby but I saw a similar one at a very expensive local store.  As you can see angels are my favorite and I have a few churches too.  The EVOL is supposed to be love but my oldest son re-arranged it.

I am eclectic because I like so many things.  Over the years I have had lots of color.  I had some really bad particle board cabinets that I did an aged red paint on with yellow walls.  Not for the weak of heart.  Once my bedroom was lavender. We won't talk about that though.  As I have gotten older I have finally been able to narrow it down a bit.  I love the crisp whites and khakis and the blues of sky and water.  Cobalt blue, turquoise, robins egg blue, and teals....I love them all.  I have learned to that if you neutralize the color you can collect more diverse pieces.   So now I focus on blues in my bedroom, lots of khakis and white throughout and my extra bedroom (the one not occupied by my son) is black and white another favorite. 

Here are a few pictures of my kitchen which I remodeled a few years ago. 

I had to remodel the kitchen on a budget.  I decided on all black appliances and I used the same stainless steel sink.  I did buy a new faucet.  I wanted some beautiful creamy glazed cabinets but out of the budget.  I did this for around $5000 with labor.  The backsplash is painted bead board and cabinets maple.  The two flanking the sink I found and stained darked and added  last year I would rather they flush up to the cabinets but then I would lose the molding at the top so I am still considering my options.  Originally I had black open shelves in the area.  The handles are black wrought iron which I love!

Well that's the tour for today.  Let me know what you think.  I love to hear from ya'll.

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