Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers, garden art, and shelf makeover!

There are a few pieces I bought recently that I made over that I haven't updated you all on.

First this little shelf which I thought was cute for $8.00. Before


Sorry it is turned side ways....I painted it and glazed it and am putting it in my booth at the antique store. It is a pretty good size shelf and will hold items as large as a pint mason jar.  You could put a nice little collection here. 

Look at these lovelies from my garden.

I don't know if you have noticed but I LOVE angel wings!
I want to share with you this easy garden project and it is the perfect thing for those cheap bud vases you can find anywhere. 

You simply blue a plate to a bud vase. I used a silicone glue but I must warn it won't withstand gold weather but you can just simply re-glue.  If anyone knows of a good glue alternature I would appeciate it.  The clear gorilla glue is too messy because it expands so much.    For this one you will see in the next picture I glued a glass bowl upside down to the bud vase and then the plate was glued to the bowl.  You can be very creative with this. 
Actually this was a dome for a canldle but you can use all sorts of odd pieces to make it interesting.  I have it on a copper pipe here but you can also use wood or plastic garden stakes. 

I have also seen another twist on this that I want to try and that is using the larger glass vases that you get like a dozen roses or other big bouquets in and you turn the vase upside down and then stack interesting glass pieces on top of each other gluing as you go and these can be set anywhere in your garden.  In the winter these need to be brought inside and be sure it  does not catch water because frozen water expands glass and breaks it. 

This is my front yard.  See those concrete edgers?  Freebies from Craigslist!

Nothing more southern than azaleas.

St. Francis and flowers!

Remember this....well I have painted it.. Here is a tip....the spoons I have to put on here don't work.  They have small tops and slip through the little niches.  Something to remember when purchasing  an item like this. . 


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  1. Ack--that blue plate is my dinnerware--i collect it! neat project, though. visiting from savvy southern.

  2. The garden stakes are really cute. Maybe E-6000 would work outside. It's great for most everything.

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Love the garden stakes -- great idea using the vase/plate, etc.! And yes, E6000 will withstand heat, cold, you name it!

  4. Hi Benita, The garden stakes and the bird bath are adorable! The azaleas haven't started blooming here in Virginia yet but yours is really pretty. Thanks for joining my party.

  5. I saw a spoon holder similar to yours on another blog (can't remember where)and they used it to told a vintage hankie collection--the hankies were folded into a square with the center point snugged in the spoon holder slot. That might work for you--if you have any old hankies! Maybe a new collection to start!