Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Finds!

I found a ton of things this week.  I found even more than what I bought and some which I regret not getting.  I went out on Friday this week and around here I have noticed that there are many people out on Friday that appear to be dealers of antiques.  I have been trying to get out earlier in the week but that just did not happen this week.  The day started out slow.  By the time I got to Goodwill it was probably 1 pm and it was pretty quiet in there and pretty picked over.  The only thing I found was this red ceramic rooster.  I think it is primarily for putting utensils in.  $3.99

Next.....I found a church yard sale and stopped and I got this cute little milk glass dish for ....drumroll....a dime.  Yes its small but what can you buy for a dime these days? 

Also a souvenier spoon holder for .99 cents, creamer for $1.50, and a bill organizer for $1.00. 
There was nothing outstanding at WaterFront Rescue Mission....wait there was one thing which I should have photographed.  An old red child's wheelbarrow which I would say was from the 1940s  or earlier.  It was adorable and only $30 but I was on a budget so  I didn't buy it but mentioned to the guy upstairs to please bring another one of those  across my path.  I love toys but they are super expensive usually and hard to find. 

I got these sweet little saucers and bowls for $.10 each......16 of each and the two candle holders for $2.50 each.

Next well I was running out of time so I went to Goodwill.  Here I found a lamp which looks to be brand new,  I have been wanting this lamp for 6 months or more but did not want to pay the $39.99 price tag.  It was only $12.99.  Isn't she lovely?

And last but not least look at this beautiful wicker magazine basket.

I have got to slow down a bit.  This week is going to be busy with work and I have to attend a conferernece.  Now those are fun and it is local but it puts me under the gun in getting my work done will be busy.  Keeping up with an antique booth...all that hauling and back and forth now that is some work too. I hope it pays off.  I spent time Friday re-arranging and putting in a bookshelf with more small stuff  in it. 

I painted the shelf I got last week and am putting it in the booth.  Again heirloom white spray paint and glazed over it.  It looks so cute.

Don't ask me why I turned this side ways when I photographed it! 

I hope you all have a great week!


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  1. OMG!.. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT ROOSTER!.. so much that I had to use caps lock!.. hehehe... seriously!.. its so awesome... it would be cute with a bunch of daisy's in it!..

  2. I love it that you got the milk glass dish for a dime! Now that's a bargain! You found some cute things, for sure. I love seeing what everyone is collecting. I'm your newest follower. I hope you stop by Cottage and Creek and say 'hi'.

  3. You really did find some wonderful treasures. I think you definitely hit the jackpot. Love the rooster and the shelf. Can't wait to see them all in place. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. hiya, great finds, i am visiting from amaze me mondays and am your newest follower hope you will stop by mine and follow me too