Monday, April 25, 2011

New Finds!

This week I had to limit my shopping.  My oldest son is moving in temporarily and I am out of space.  I don't know how you girls do it all.  I don't have any storage left.  I wish I had a garage.

I found two items last week that were so unique I had to buy them.

The first looks like a little drawer out of a library card catolog.  You remember the old ones before computers? 
I would love to come across one of those old cabinets. 

Look at the oak wood!

See the little bar where the cards attached?

 It has the name of the company that made these.
The other item I purchased is an old goldfish bowl.  This is a smaller one.  I really want a large one. 

I put some glass beads and a plant in it.  I hope to get a beta fish also.  I just hope my cat doesn't try to eat it!  Yikes!

Oh yeah and one other item i purchased is this day planner/organizer.  It is a Franklin Covey and I think runs at least $30.

$2.50  Look at the inside!

It is a larger one around 6x8 or so.  I just need to get the calendar pages. 

I look forward to seeing all your finds at the different linky parties this week.


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  1. The drawer is very interesting and pretty.

  2. I love your finds! The bowl reminds me of one we had as kids for a turtle. And your planner I believe your about right on the price. You can find the calander pages at Walmart.

  3. Very nice finds. I liked the old library card catalogs. I could think of a million uses for them. Thanks for linking it up! Would you please put a link back to the Home Sweet Home party in your post. Thank you.