Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chandy Find and Disappointing Sale!

Hi everyone!  Well not a good day. I was hoping to make some big sales today as the thifty/antique store I have a booth at was having an outside sale.  There was supposed to be a radio station there promoting the event.  I got thee to find out the cost went up and so the owner cancelled it so no advertising.  Guess how much I sold?  NOTHING!  It ended up being more like a bad yard sale.  I ended up re-doing my booth and putting some new items in and leaving at 1.  How frustrating!  Sorry....enough venting....I know you aren't here for that.  :)

I found this beautiful chandelier at Habitat Homestore for $20.00 last Saturday.  They had not priced it so I asked that they hold it and I called on Tuesday to find out the price.  Look at the beautiful detail!

This is the piece that attaches to the ceiling. 

Instead of the hard plastic that becomes brittle with heat the candle art is rubber like material and see how it looks like the candle is dripping. 
See the arms?  It has all the crystal prisms.

I have seen a similar light in local antique malls for $150.00,

I have seen someone paint a similar chandalier white but I don't know that I want to do that.  What do you think ?

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and remember to honor your mom.


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  1. That is a gorgeous chandelier, what a great find. I think you can't lose whether you paint it or not. It would be beautiful either way.

  2. Great find just as it is but I'm sure you'll find a way to make it even more FABULOUS. Look forward to that post. Thanks. ~CJ

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that your sale didn't go so well, advertising is so important.
    I love your bargain chandelier. I'm thinking it would look so nice in an antique white. Even left alone, it's beautiful.

  4. That is a gorgeous chandelier,such a great find!
    Whatever you decide will be aweome!

  5. awesome chandelier. given my current mood I would probably go a little crazy with it, orange or red, maybe.....

  6. Beautiful! I think an antique white would look great as well with the pretty crystals :) I went to the Restore a few weeks back. I am definitely going again! Does your booth store happen to be in Texas?


  7. i also saw one who painted the chandy in white. i wonder what would you paint on it:)

  8. I have several of these in my home and have cleaned up and sold some too. I love the white but oddly, I have mine in the original brass. Just clean it real good, wash the crystals in vinegar and water. You can replace the candle covers or just spray paint what you have if they are in good condition. I have one in white and one chandelier with black candle covers. Great find.