Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Garden!

I know many of you are way up North where Spring has not quite arrived.  So I wanted to share pictures from my garden to give you hope that Spring is on the way!  I live in Florida so we are blessed with a long growing season. 

I found these daisies last year at a garden show and they are so pretty.  I think they only bloomed once last year but I hope they will bloom more this year.

This is the bed along the front of my house.  Hostas, lorapetalums, forsythias, four o'clocks, and some sort of boxwood.

In the center of my back yard over the last two years I put in this area.  I started with 4 sections of premade picket fence to frame the area and began to plan around those.  I added this arch and gate last year.  You can see my Red Bud tree which has red leaves....I had never seen one of these until last year.  I love plants with red leaves. 

This is to the left after you go through the gate.  Guaras.  I love these because when the bees sit on the blooms to take the pollen the stems bob up and down. 

This is one of my greatest Habitat Restore finds.  A cupola with copper roof....such a rare find. I simply had it attached to a big post in the center of this area of the garden and it has a jasmine growing up finally bloomed this year.

Here is my Angel Trumpet plan.  If you have never seen one they are gorgeous.  This one is white.  The peach are the most beautiful color I think.  I bought some Black Cow to add to it because mine don't bloom like they should.

A little garden art. 

My bottle tree!  If you don't have one you must get one. 

At the back of this rectangular garden area I added a glass paned door and side lites to give the area a vintage look. I have an enamal table top on an old work bend that I use in the garden. 

This is a lower view of the cupola post and the jasmine vine.

My swing is at the back of this area. You can see I have 3 crepe myrtles (you can see 2 here).  Two are Natchez which are white and I think they bloom really full.  I think the on in the middl is pink.  I thought all 3 were white but at least the pink on ended up in the middle. I finally have a little shaded area back here.  I am planning to go to a garden show on May 7th for our County Extension Master Gardeners and I hope to get several hydragneas.  My favorite plant......You have to understand before Ivan rolled through here (hurricane) I had a forest in my back yard and I lost all but 7 trees.  So I went from gardening in full shade to full sun. 

See all my pine straw I got for FREE off craigslist!

Along the right side of the fence I have a bed area with day lillies, Easter lillies, Holly, and gardenia. 

I need a little more pinestraw here.

I have this bath tub by my back door with a pump so I have the great sound of water out back. 
I have some daylillies here and mexican petunias. 

I added a new area the other day.  After many years of shade in my backyard Hurricane Ivan turned it into a no shade garden.  I recently discovered a small area that gets some shade.  I wanted more Hydragneas which are my favorite plant.  My great grandmother had two large bushes in her front yard.  They have the most beautiful blooms and are great for cutting or drying. 

Here are some examples of the plant.

 Last Saturday was the Master Gardener sale and my goal was to buy some good hydragneas and a few white plants also for a bit of a moonlight garden as well.
There are a few areas I did not show you but you will be seeing more on my garden over the spring and summer months.  I will keep you updated as new things bloom.

I was able to get a few more plants yesterday at the plant sale.  I got some yarrows and some salvia. 


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  1. Very nice! I wish I could grow flowers, I'm terrible at it. I'd love for you to come over and link this or something else up on our Wicked Awesome Wednesday blog party this week. :-)

  2. I am a new follower. Your bottle tree caught my eye when visiting and posting on Boogieboard Cottage...Really enjoyed browsing your garden. I just did an entire post on bottle trees on Friday. Please stop by and visit me and read my post on Southern Spirit Catchers! Thanx, Tiffany

  3. It was a wonderful walk through your garden!

  4. I'm new happy follower visiting from DittleDattle,AmazeMeMonday.I love your gardens,I really love the bottle tree,I've always wanted to try this,The "tub" fountain is awesome.
    Hope you can visit and see what we been doing behind the barn,teehehe.would love it if you can follow back.

  5. I have always wanted a bottle tree, in cobalt blue none the less! Thanks so much for sharing with my newbie party. Welcome. I look forward to seeing you again.

  6. Benita, these are all gorgeous! Thanks for joining us and sharing with us this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  7. Your garden is wonderful. I love that cupola and the bottle tree. I've seen really large cupolas at some of the antique shows, but they cost a fortune. Great job.

  8. Magical...I love your garden! Thanks for sharing.