Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thrifty finds

I have a number of finds over the last couple weeks I want to share.  First I hope everyone is enjoying the summer but it is literally sweltering here in Florida.  We have had a bit more rain the last couple weeks but we are having a drought.  I don't think we had any rain at all in April....and you know what they say about April.  Our tempatures range from 95 -100 so pray for us.

First....I really don't have anywhere to put this but I saw some recently and I wanted one and this one was irresistable.  It is a beautiful sailboat that I only paid $3.50 for.  I am thinking about doing some sanding and doing a shabby chic paint job on her.  What do you think?

Next, I bought this for $1.00!  It is a heavy metal and I think it was originally to hold albums.....record albums.  It is big enouht to hold trays or platter and plate.  It could also hold large books.   Did I pay too much?  lol

Next I found this basket at GW and I could not resist it.  The way it is made I believe it is old and it looks to me like a Native American basket.  Someone painted this art deco looking is poppy and I just love it for $1.99.  It is isn't very large but so unique.

The next find you will is like a casserole dish.  It is creamy white. It is small but I only paid $3.00 for it!  It seems like porcelein like limoge.

I also have this little oak looking box.  I purchased it several months back at an estate sale.  It looks like it could be a box.

Here it is in the middle of the process.
 I decided to use it as a shelf so I am painting it white, distressing it, and adding a glaze.

I found this chippy white metal shelf today for $6 and the little garden tool for $5.

I have seen some of you out there with these! 

This is the empty Patron Tequila bottle  fond at a junk shop last week.  It is blown glass an see the textre of it and it has a great shape.

I know there is a lot of junk in this picture bt look at this cool white quail.  It is not is a heavy porcelein material. 

I may have shown you this before but isn't it a sweet little sugar looks like a trophy!

I finished my hunt for thrifty finds with this.  I don't think you can read the tag but I paid $2.99 for this beauty at GW.  And I picked it up and turned it around to check it for a name.

It was not working so I took it home and opened the back and it takes a AA battery which I changed and it works!

I have added a bit more to my bedroom bird arrangement.  Check it out and give me your feedback. 

Can you see the little rusty shelf? 

I changed it up and tried a couple of different things. 

Looks good huh?

Hope you enjoyed your visit.


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  1. you're so crafty and creative, love all the things you bought at a bargain prices too! i absolutely adore your bedroom bird arrangement and the little rusty shelf.

    Im your newest follower and blog hopping from homemaker on a dime creative bloggers' party.

    Susan @

  2. You found some really cool stuff and at great prices! Super idea to use the old album holder for platter; love that!