Saturday, July 16, 2011

Check out my experiment and give me some feedback!

Remember my Hoosier cabinet top?  Well today went to local antique vintage store and found these legs.

$24.50 each @ 50% off....yeah so $24.50

So I decided to try this together.

Imagine the cabinet painted a pure white and the legs.  I like it but I think the enamal top might be a little small for these legs.  I need your input.  I could buy some new wood for table top and make it a little wider. 

See the Mod Podge  1959 encyclopedia pages on the inside of the cabinet.  I don't have the doors on because I just ordered the hinges last night. 

What do you think?


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  1. OKAY... as a decorator ... junker ... re-purposer ... crafter ...antiquer... I am not lovin' those legs on that hoosier top. I think you need something more solid (less leggy) asked!
    Don't be mad! Tiffany

  2. I agree with Tiffany. The legs are beautiful but they are in conflict with the Hoosier cabinet. You need just a straight chest or table.