Friday, July 15, 2011

Lights and changes!

I finally got my electrician out and hung my new Pottery Barn style lights in the living room. 

I moved the fixtures that were in the living room into my bedroom after painting them white.  I think they look awesome. 

This is the before when they were black.

Here is the one over my bed and then the one at the other end of the room. 

I am still working on my Hoosier cabinet.  I ended up painting it white because of the different woods.  I also lined the inside with pages out of a 1959 Encyclopedia Britanica.  I am going to have to order the hinges from an Internet company and I am still looking for a good table base.

I spent have of the day Thursday organizing my laundry closet. It was a mess and I could not find anything.  I am so envious of all of you out there who have a laundry room.  I only have a tiny closet and I keep not only laundry supplies but also dog and cat food, tools, hardware materials, animal supplies, paint supplies and anything else I might need to store and with all my recent projects I have been frustrated that I at times cannot find items I know I have but simply cannot put my hands on.    I hope my new system will help me find items easily. 

I decided to take these brown paper gft bags and hang them on the pegboard  and other hooks in the closet.  I simply organized and grouped like items and then with a Sharpie marked the bag with a description.  Less used items are hung higher than items more frequently used.  I have bags marked pet supplies, light bulbs, hemp string, hot glue gun and hot glue stickss, painting tools such as stamps, stencils, and other devices, tape, glue, scissors and paint can openers are hung on a hook.   This is how it looks thus far.

 I also disposed of  some old paint and other items I no longer needed and the old lights from my bedroom and other items which I gave to the local Habitat Home Store.  I also purchased some space bags and used those to shrink down my old comforters, extra pillows and blankets because we are so cramped since my oldest son moved back home.    I got rid of some organizers that were taking up too much spaced and was able to fill that space with the space bags.  I found space for my feather mattress topper stuffed in this closet also.  They say on the Space Bag commercial that these won't be wrinkled when you open them but I am skeptical. Previously these were taking a huge chunk out of my bedroom closet (along with the twin size mattress of my former day bed).                                                                                                                              

If you have followed by blog for long then you know I am constantly moving furniture and rearranging so I will update you on those changes.....later this week. I am going to also need your help with a decision later this week so be sure and drop by!


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  1. We have a "gold" chandelier that I truly hate; I love your white chandy--gonna try this! Have a great weekend.

  2. Your lights look great! We just redid our lights. The old ones had to get pitched. Thanks for linking it up!

  3. Turned out great- I just recently painted a brassy gold chandelier for our new outside space too~ thanks for linking up to Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  4. The chandys look great painted in your bedroom. Love the new PB ones, a wonderful style! Thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra