Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organizing and finding more space

I think I mentioned previously that my oldest son had moved home for a few months and we are packed in this tiny house. I currently have a twin size mattress in my closet and it is not a walk in closet!   I have been desperately looking for more space. Even before he moved home  I had no indoor space to work on crafts or painting other than the kitchen or outside.  I decided to try out those space bags.  I don't know that they are everything they claim to be but it did afford me to pack up some blankets, comforters and other linens that I don't have to use on a daily basis.  Has anyone else used them? One of the bags seemed to opened up after I stuffed it in the closet. 

Sorry for the poor picture but you get the idea.  Previously these were in a huge bag and taking up valuable space in my closet. There are several comforters, quilts, bed and decorative pillows. I moved some of those drawer organizers out of this closet and freed up 2 shelves. I took my feathered bed topper off so it takes up one entire shelf. Sorry for the bad picture.  The door of this closet holds the ironing board and iron.

I also organized my laundry closet.  I envy all of you out there who have laundry rooms.  My laundry room is a closet just wide enough for the hot water heater, washer & dryer.  I don't have a garage only a 10 x 10 storage shed so many of my tools and craft supplies, paint, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and other items have to be stored here.

I have such limited space for craft supplies, tools, painting supplies that it had become a mess.  I could never find anything.  I had a bunch of those little organizers that have drawers but everything was being thrown in the drawers.  I decided to buy the little inexpensive brown gift bags and organize and mark each with little items  such as scissors, glues, light bulbs, tape, knobs, and so on.  I have a peg board so I am using it to hang many of the bags on but I exceeded the peg board.

 It didn't take long to fill the peg board. 

I bought new organizers for the dog and cat food. 

My power tools are under the animal food.

Here is where most of my paint is.  Glaze and other gallon containers and I keep paint tools in the basket. I also took time to throw out some old paint and organize all my paint.  This was a good thing because I had some paint that I did not realize I had. 

In the white basket are most of my cans of spray paint and my quart size containers of paint. 

I love these little white baskets.  They are a good size and inexpensive.  I have about 12 cans of spray paint in this basket.

Chemicals and cleaning supplies. 
This hall closet holds the majority of my christmas decorations.

This closet has a bucket of tools and other project materials.

Ice cream freezer, decor, and christmas decorations.

I at least feel like I can breathe now!

Below is a sneak peak......remember my hoosier cabinet free hoosier cabinet top?  I found a base and I hope to be able to post the completed project by Friday.  I am waiting for the hinges to come via mail and then I will be dressing it out and putting on the hard ware.

Come back Friday to see more!


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