Friday, August 19, 2011

I love old toys and children's items!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you some of my most treasured goodies.  I love vintage toys and they are hard to find and often very expensive.  I have a few items that were my moms which I will show you first which are priceless to me.

First her thermos .....Roy Rogers and Dale Evens and believe it or not the inside is not broken! 

You cannot see it in the picture but the lid and cup are missing.  Someone stuck a piece of cork in it.  I just love cowboys and horses.  I grew up in early 1970s watching The very favorite, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, High Chapperal, and many others. 

Then there is her Hopalong Cassidy cup.

My son when he was little climbed up the ladder into the attic of the old garage/barn behind my grandmother's house and found this stove and teapot.

In the picture above you can see the cobalt blue art deco dishes, the two shairs, lavortory and bath tub.  I got all these and the clear glass behind the blue set along with part of a old picture frame in a bag at a antique store for $12.99.  I have never seen a dish set like this.  The chalkware pieces I found buried in the yard at my great grandmothers so they are most likely my mom's also. 

This is a close up of the stove.  The top is missing and it is very rusty but the handles are still there.

This is my old Santa Claus that used to talk but the string is long gone.  I always put him out with the Christmas decor but the rest of the year he is in this little cabinet.

I love stuffed animals and particularly bears and lambs.

I have two that are extra special.  This rabbit puppet which looks like the one off of Captain Kangaroo.  This is what I grew up watching on television.  It was the show for kids.  I have so many memories of watching it.

The other special one is this clown bear that is German and belonged to a woman who was probably in her 70s in the 1980s and I am not sure if it was hers or her mothers but it is old!

You can only see part but the hat is wooden and you could crank it and it would play music. I don't remember what it played but my brothers and I played with it so it doesn't work anymore. 

I have lots of tin toys. I started collecting those over 20 years ago.  Look at the old scoop and biscuit cutter.  These will be sitting on the hoosier cabinet.

This is the first tin toy I found and one of my favorites.

I also love these little oil lanterns.  I have been told children would take them to bed with them.  They are tiny and give off just a bit of light and I guess since they held such a little oil they were not as dangerous.  You have to remember many kids slept in lofts or second floor. 

The shade on one of my cobalt blue was broken when a shelf it was sitting on fell.  I am just glad it did not break the whole lamp.

I saw recently at a local antique store a display of baby shoes.  They were so adorable. I also found a child's old wrought iron bed that is to die for....I think it is $150 but I would love to have it.
 I love the old toys...they are so sweet and you get to see the old styles in miniature.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these.    Maybe it brought back a happy childhood memorie and made you smile!  :)


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  1. you have some nice collections! happy weekend to you!

  2. Love the tin kitchen items and when I was young I collected the little oil lamps, but only one remains from not getting broke. You have some great items. Thank you for visiting my blog and itroducing me to yours!

  3. So cute- your vintage toys are darling and those little lamps are so charming too! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  4. Thanks for the photo of bunny rabbit! I had him, slept with him and loved him till his mohair hair disappeared - he was sooo sweet. Wait. That sounds like one of my husbands! I loved them too. But I think I talked to bunny rabbit more. And I'm pretty sure he listened a lot better. Yes. He. Did.

  5. I recently brought home a beautiful photograph of a baby, about a year old, maybe more - a little thing about 4"x 5", that was at the bottom of a pile. Probably the twenties, maybe earlier. I just thought - someone must have been so happy the day they went and picked that photograph up. What joy they surely felt. All deader than Buddy Holly by now, but I shall keep him on my windowsill - the barefoot boy with cheek of tan indeed!