Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things that make me go hmmmmm.....

Here are a few questions I have.  Who is Annie Sloan and why is she having a love affair with everyone?  I mean almost every party and blog I go to it is "I love Annie Sloan".  Please tell me what is so great about this Annie?  

Why is everyone rushing into fall?  I mean I know it has been a long hot summer.  Believe me I know.  We are surviving with one window unit AC because the central air needs to be replaced so I know it is hot. Am I the only one who loves summer?  I hate hate hate cold weather.  I can't go aside when it comes.  No gardening.  No refinishing furniture because I have no garage or other space to do it when it is cold.  I mean I live in Pensacola, Florida so we have warm weath through November.  We hardly have one cold spell before January so hearing everyone talking about summer coming to an end and some of you are already doing pumpkin crafts is making me sad.  So while the rest of you are rushing into fall.  I am going to enjoy the rest of my summer!  I think the heat wave is over so now I can really get out and do some gardening.  I have bricks to lay for edging. My water features need cleaning.  The siding needs cleaning and the porch and concrete.  So much to do.

Have an awesome week everyone.....I hope I made you laugh.


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  1. I haven't personally tried any Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but I'd really like to. Considering it is super expensive, I would definitely have to win one of the give-aways before that happens. I do think bloggers get on a roll & want to jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing "something" that looks interesting. I'm not saying that I never do that (I've truly caught the "rooster/chicken" bug), but I prefer to march to my own drummer.

    As for rushing into Fall, I would be one of those strange people who can hardly contain myself until Sept. 1st. But I have very good "excuses" for doing so. I live in AZ, so our summer is a "bit" worse than yours. Soooo, by Sept. I have had it up to my armpits with stinking hot weather, but know we are not going to actually get cool until probably Nov. My solution is to create the illusion & feel of Fall with all my seasonal decor. It's really not that much of a stretch for me, decor-wise, because I use the warmer colors throughout my regular decor, only toning down here and there for a lighter feel during Spring & Summer. My big excuse this year is that we just moved & are now living close to our kiddoes & their kidlets, so I want Nana & Bapa's home to be filled with fun and exciting things to see. So there you have it!

    I just have to comment on your Roy Rogers' thermos. We have one of those, too, but ours does have the cap and cup. It's a different picture. I'll be showing that in an upcoming post. It belongs to my hubby, along with 2 Captain Midnight cups that his Mom sent away for from Ovaltine when he was about 4 or 5. I love having those where they can be seen, but not touched by the afore-mentioned Kidlets......lol!

    Have a great day & happy gardening!
    :) CAS