Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrifty Finds!

Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted lately but I teach for an online univeristy and this is a busy time of the year for me.  Thanks for all my followers who keep visiting. 

I have really been blessed lately with all the great finds I have stumbled on.  I am trying to get into the garage sale groove more so I can get better deals.  My booth has not been doing so hot.  You know I downsized to just a shelf and this month I don't think I will make my rent.  Last month I made less than $50.  The place I am at is more thrift then antiqes although there are lots of antiques and the area is an area with lots of traffice but it is a lower socioeconomic population in this area.  Shabby chic stuff is not selling. I have a whole shelf of really pretty china, plates and they are not moving.  I did have a yard sale last wee and posted on Craigslist as a Shabby Chic sale and I made $180 which is more than I have ever made before but I sold lots of smalls and still have large pieces which are cluttering up my house and driving me crazy.  There is a yard sale across Florida that is September 10th (my birthday) and I hope to sell some items.  I still have a trunk, metal bistro set, plate shelf, top to a hutch, and 2 doors to name a few. I am going to do rock bottom prices at that sale and hopefully I can get rid of it all.

On to the goodies.....I found these sweet windows which almost look like doors off an old cupboard because of the latch this one has.   I only paid $5 each at Habitat store.  Yeah!  There was a narrow closet door that I went back and picked up but it was $15 but look at the sweet art deco looking hanger and hardware. 

I like the wood color.  The other side is a tan color which I may eventually sand down and paint white.

Here is the little door.

I picked up this sweet set of schools geography and history books with copyright datses from 1930 to 1933.  These came from an estate sale and I think they were .50 cents each. The images inside and maps are great.  You know I teach history right?  Love them!

I also picked up these watering cans for $5.00 each. I cannot tell you how long I have been looking at these at stores for $30 - $50.  I will tell you patience does pay off!  Also follow your instincts.  I have a number of places I visit each week. Thrift stores, antique stores, junk stores and sometimes I don't find anything but I have this little voice inside that sometimes insists go go go to a particular store and that happened for all these goodies.  You all know what I am talking about!  God is good!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bargains.  Tune in this week I will be showing a piece of furniture I made recently and other goodies. 


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  1. Love your thrifty finds....I need some of those cool watering cans. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. I love your bargains. Those books are something I would want to buy.

  3. I like your doors. I haven't been to Habitat recently and you've reminded me I need to go back.

  4. awesome finds love old books myself those look like great ones and wow what wonderful prices

  5. Phew cool finds. old books are a treat! All the thrifty bloggers has ne on the go now thrifting as well!


  6. You got some great finds there - love the watering cans!

  7. Great finds! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Those glass doors are amazing, Benita! I do love the books you found. I love looking through old books like that and they make for such an interesting display on a table top.

    visiting from Met Monday

  9. I love the watering cans. Must be the look of the galvanized metal that pulls me in everytime! And those books are just precious. Oh the hands that touched them must have so many stories themselves. I found you through Debbie-Doos newbie party. I am a newbie blogger too. When you have a chance, stop by for a visit :)

  10. Stopped by from Debbie-doos' party. Love those watering cans and wish I could find them for such a great price. I'll be back.

  11. Wow! You really scored big girl! I love watering cans! They make my heart sing!