Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yard Sale!

This past weekend, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, I helped a friend who is an antique dealer with a yard sale.  She let me and a few other girls bring some of our stuff to sell also.  I made close to $300. She had thousands of pieces of jewelry and littles for $1 (and she had some good stuff).  Then she had some better items or $ 3 or $5.  She had her stock for her booth in the garage and several people picked some of good stuff also.  Boy that is hard work.  Early mornings and standing all day on concrete but I was glad to clean out some stuff.  She called me this morning and asked if I wanted to do it again this week.  I already have my eye on an estate sale on Craigslist plus another girl who does shabby chic stuff is going to have a yard sale plus I had an email from a lady who does estate sales and she is having one this weekend too! 

In the process of selling of course you know I had to buy too!  I picked up some great items.  The first two I just stopped down the street from my house on Sunday and this guy had some cute stuff.  Lots of elephants of different shapes and sizes. The first item I had to have I thought was a toy.  I asked the guy and he said no its not a toy because it really works.  I did some research on this item and it was used as promotional item.  Salesmen sometimes gave them away to young girls who they wanted to buy their wares when they were older and some were sold in stores.  When I told my mom she said she had one that was green.  Have I built the suspense enough?  Here it is....

A working toy Singer sewing machine.  Isn't it cool?  It is not made out of plasic but the same heavy metal as the full size.  I found online where these go for $250.00!  This one is a 1924 model.


Then I spotted this picture which was $2.00.

This picture is an old canvass with gilded frame and is heavy!

Next are some goodies I got at the yard sale.

A little glass dome with  bird,  huge white platter with great detail, a tiny ceramic pot with cue handles, an old shabby table with BLOOMS painted on the front, some tiny trinkets, old wooden box, brass wheelbarrow, little brass box with shells, old garden clippers and more. 

This table will be used for our Christmas village and tree this year.  It is so perfect!

See the little chippy vintage piece of wood?  $5.00


Here is a sneak peak to an upcoming project involved an old window, old encyclopedia and book page, sheet music, oval frame, and wire bread basket. Okay it is 3 projects.

Thanks from coming by!


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  1. Oh gosh I love it all. I see our taste run along the same way of thinking.

  2. Ohhhh...I'm so jealous, I want all of it :)

  3. That sewing machine is just toooo coool

    lots of other good finds too

    barbara jean

  4. Hi Benita., My name is Tom and I have been trying to find as much information on an oil painting which I purchased from Antiques on Holiday in Destin, Florida in September of 2012. After long searches on the internet we finally found a photo of it posted on your blog dated September of 2011. It is the oil painting of the Windmill in Paris France called the Moulin de la Galetta and the painting appears to be circa 1920. I am hoping you can let me know some additional information on the oil painting which may help establish some provenance on it. I can be reached at topcat6333@yahoo.com or @ 850-585-3772 cell anytime. I can send photos of the oil painting as well.