Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curb finds & Yard Sale Treasures

Hi everyone!  I have been so busy with work and also rehabbing odds and ends there has been no time to post!  I hope to catch you up a bit.

I had a yard sale at home Thurssday and Friday of last week and I forgot to put the days on my Craigslist post!  Fortunately someone called and asked so I corrected it.  I did not get much traffic still but a local antique store was having a yard sale where anyone could set up and I set up there.  I sold a ton of items.  I am puzzled that no one bought the shabby chic shelves and I had a couple of cute signs I made but I made some money.  I had a couple of dealers come by earlier in the week and they bought several pieces from me so it was all good.

I bought this small child size table which could almost double as a step stool a couple weeks ago. 

This typewriter was $2.00 at a church yard sale along with the case but it is a little musty smelling.

A pair of these old urns for $15.  The bottom of this one is broken off but overall they are in good shape.  I plant to paint and distress them.

This cute little farm toy for $1.00.  It was John Deere but I couldn't find anything comparable online.  It looks like it would have been horse pulled rther than tractor because of where the seat is.  It is a hayrake of some sort.  I sold it quick Saturday morning.

This cute chippy stool was $8.00 and the arts & craft looking table $12.00. 

  This little stool I picked up off the curb for free along with a black book shelf.  I told the book shelf for $15.00.  The stool has great colors with the brown with blue peeking through.

Sorry this is a little blurry.  $5.00 at a yard sale.

Curb find windows.  I found 9 total and so far I have sold 3 @ $10 each.

An old trellis....curbside.

Sorry I think both of these picture are upside down.  This little cabinet was a curb find.  I loved the blue. and the inside is so cute.

Another curb find.  The little metal handles puts it between 1940s and 1950s.  It has the old formica with the metal around the edge.  I took an old wood table top on it and some casters on it.  It could be used in a kitchen or anywhere.

Look at the inside.

Along with these cabinets I found an old wooden door.  The bottom half had some damage you will see what I did with what I could salvage in an upcoming post!

$5.00 at an estate sale.

Next are these old bathroom cabinets.  I traded some small items...blog, old wine jugs and such for these.  The top was old formica so I topped with an old 5 panel door and put in my bedroom and it looks like a built in.  I need a carpenter to make a few adjustments but I think it looks pretty good. It helps with my storage problem.  I will paint them up and put some cute knobs and I am thinking I will put numbers on the drawers.  You know how old furniture drawers don't always operate well.

What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies. 


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  1. Looks like you did very well. Love that cute little curb find stool.

  2. Love all your goodies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You do know a good find when it is left on the curb. Great bunch of stuff.
    - Joy

  4. Great finds--love that typewriter! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  5. That's quite an eclectic mix - thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Benita, You found some great things and I especially love the little farm toy. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party.

  7. Hello Benita, I think your cupboard would look really nice with crystal knobs for handles. Thanks for sharing xo jeanetteann