Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great finds!

I am so sorry for the irregularity of my posts but it takes a great deal of time to take the pictures and too many times I rush and don't get the best photos.  With work, yard sale hunting, and working on projects, on top of cleaning up the yard for winter, I have been swamped.

This past weekend I found a sale in the newspaper for a warehouse moving company sale.  I know we all love Craigslist but don't forget to check your local paper.  I struck pay dirt!

I purchased a cabinet that is about 6 feet tall and 30 inches wide.  the shelves are all tongue and groove wood.  It is made of pine and painted a teal blue.  It at one time appears to have had little cubbies all the way down but some of those pieces are missing and now there are two shelves with cubby holes.  A few boards were off the bottom 3 shelves which will be an easy fix.  Best of all the price.....drum roll please.  $15

Here she is!

Next I found this adorable art deco desk organizer. Or at least that is what I call it. It has a place to put books or magazines and two little drawers. $7.00

Look at these handles!

Next I found this metal vintage Tom's potato chip display.  I have seen people display vintage postcards on these because it has all these little clips.  $3.00

I found several other good yard sales.  One was someone who used to attend my church and he had lots of vintage antique items.  I purchased antique mirrors and this old bird print (it is sitting on the desk organizer above)....I think it is an actual drawing someone made 

Here is another mirror which I tucked behind a platter and silver tray.

This mirror was very heavy and as you can see both had the silver coming off a bit with that great old mirror look. 
All 3 were only $5.00.

I purchased a bag of wooden vintage Christmas tree ornaments and this little wood pecker for $1.00 at a second hand store.

The woodpecker is made from plastic but there was just something so cute and unique about him!

This looks hand made!

Several of these have one arm missing or if it has wings they are bent or one is missing. It made me think of the Island of Misfits on the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer show that comes on every year!

Next I picked up some sweet little items

A book on the Zodiac killer, brass book ends, a cobalt blue tiny bottle, a 1919 book written in Latin and printed in Spain, and a 1950s French language translation book. $3.00.

This must be a perfume because it has a sweet smell inside.  The lid is plastic and has a little hole like perhaps it was worn on a chain around one's neck.

I am not Catholic but I think this is some sort of book of liturgy.

I almost forgot this cute little peacocks I purchased for $.50.

Finally, a local antique store was having a parking lot sale and I picked up this two cute hand made items. I just love stuff like this that someone has taken the time to make by hand  One is a chair made out of twigs and the other a tiny picnic table

The picnic table will make a great table scape for a summer barbecue! 

The final goodie is this candleabra.

Was it worth $5?

I started with some Christmas decorations because I was experimenting with something new this year.  I will tell you more about this in my next post.  It looks like the colors this year will be cream, white, gold, and silver and just a bit of red. 

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  1. Nice finds! Love the thrill of the hunt!

  2. Wow, you found some wonderful things. I love the little desk organizer and the chip holder. Very cool stuff!

  3. Nice finds. I really like the organizer, and the potato chip stand.

  4. Your little blue bottle had a tassel attached to the lid,the perfume was called Evening in Paris.