Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Antique Booth Update

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some new picture of my antique booth.  I have updated it and have started with a garden theme, shabby chic and French.  I have several industrial tables which are outside the shop right now and I have the mid century modern style table I showed you all the other day.

Here are some outside items.  An old wrought iron bed, an industrial table, and underneath an old galvanized wash tub. 

I have a plant stand here in front  of the large old cubby. To the left the tall white table is mine and would make a great plant stand.

This old brown security door would make a great trellis.  I think I need to take it down and spray paint it white.

This is the bird bath I found the other day.  It is a shell on top and the base is the 3 fish that you see in traditional Italian fountains.

This is a corner plant stand.

Here are two old galvnized water coolers like working men carried around in their trucks.  I think they would make great little planters.  The table I found in an old barn and I think it would be a great potting bench filled with pots and galvanized containers with all your supplies. To the left is an old metal tool box made of galvanized metal.

These are my vintage concrete deer I found at an estate sale.

The red and white table is mine also.  She is a midcentury modern table but could be used for a desk.  I purchased it this way with the red top but have had it way too long.  I like the legs and it is very heavy. I think it would be great with some planks but to make a table top.

Here is my booth....bird cages, watering cans, metal funnels, shelves, galvanized well bucket, a burlap bench, and concrete statutes. 

I have an old tractor set here with moss and a basket filled with jars and gardening tools.  Lots of little white vintage tables and a couple of old doors.  A door made into a chalkboard. Lots of bird items and unique flower pots. Sorry about the Whataburger cup!

Here you can see my little blue desk that I modge podged it with French clippings form old Encyclopedias.  On cannot see it well but the white is an old cabinet door and I just mounted some botanical prints out of an old book on the glass and painted the wood white. This one has the complete old latch.  I have 3 with no glass but none have the complete knob. You can also see soe of the old art work I purchased a while back from an estate. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Benita,
    You have a ton of awesome inventory...maybe you should haed over and join me at Montrose Marketplace in Fairhope for the three day Arts and Crafts Show...e-mail me for more info.


  2. I love the old metal water coolers...all of your items are fantastic! I saw your plastic burger cup in the picture and it made me smile - when I'm taking pictures of my booth, I always seem to leave something random in the picture, and then I have to take all my pictures over again. Usually, by the time I'm finished updating my space, I'm ready to get out of there (b/c I usually have my impatient toddlers and husband with me) taking pictures is an after-thought. Thanks for sharing all your lovlies!

  3. Love the bird bath! If I lived closer I would be over there in a heartbeat to buy this. Now I'm on a mission to find one, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh, lots of goodies! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!