Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Finds

I had a great day of picking Saturday.  I went to several yard sales early in the morning with no success and thought it was going to be a bad day of picking. Around 10 am I arrived in a down town older area at a rental property with 2 units. I saw a birdbath right away so I ask him the price to get a feel for his prices and it was good! 

Here is the birdbath.  Whoops....forgot to get the picture before dark. 

The units were stinky and trashed so it took some digging.  First I found this table.

Isn't it great?  A nice retro mid century modern style table.  It could e incorported into  an eclectic shaby chic could be painted white or left as is. Imagine it with some baskets underneath. 

I also found this old aquarium which I adore. I have never seen one before except on someone's blog.

How about this little aquarium stand?

A little half table.

 A little basket filled with 3 plant hangers made of Hawaiian shells.

This was green and rusty and I spray paintedd it a charcoal metallic color.  I finally used my label maker and started organizing some of my hardware and crafting materials.

This cute little outdoor table. It has a little bit of rust bubbles.

I then went to another estate sale and found this great metal box.

I picked a yard sale and picked up all these for $2.00. Galvanized funnel and blue oil can and you will see the other 2 items in the next picture.  An 2 old cages for industrial lights and a little wooden roller.

This I dug out of the previous sale.  No stains but it does not smell good.  I wonder if I just sprinkle it with baking soding if it might take care of the odor. I don't know if the colors might run. 

Could not get this picture turned...sorry. THere is a litle wood spool, an old metal tackle box, and a metal tool tray.

There I took off the curb for my favorite price.  Another curb was an old suitcase somehow my picture did not get downloaded.

These two platters I found at he first sale and then the creamer I found at the estate sale.

This was another estate sale find.
This is a top off an old blanket chest.  The chest was damaged by termites and the lid had some damage but I think it will make a good table top.  It looks cute on this old aquarium stand don't you think?

 And this gutted clock.  There are many possibilities here.

This was a yard sale is Pottery Barn and I think these were around $40 originally.  I got it for $15. 

This is my new cabinet.  I got it for $10 and for now I think I am keeping it for myself. Heavy glass shelves and lighted.  I found  it along with a new honey hole I found last week.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new finds.


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  1. WOW...looks like a great pickin' day was had. Love all the old rusty treasures that you found and thanks for coming to my party with them.