Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden time!

Hi everyone!

I have been busy at home creating a garden area on the concrete slab at the end of my house. I moved my sink/potting bench to this area. I added this little table I purchased a few months back at an estate sale. I use it as well for a potting bench and I keep my terra cotta pots and decorative items. 

To create some height I sat this pot on top of an old galvnized bucket.  I have some different size galvanized trash cans that I store potting soil, newspapers for  flower beds and other garden items. 

I also moved my whisky barrel water feature and cleaned it out and set up the pump.  I just love the sound of water. 

This old wrought iron chair I picked up a few years ago at the dump for free!  Now we cannot take anything out of the dump.  You would think with all the concerns over recycling this would not be the case.  Behind the chair is a metal planter I found a couple weeks ago at an antique shop.

As you see I have a small strip of dirt at the end of my house between the slab and house.  I covered it with gravel a couple years ago and I fill different types of planters with my favorite flowers.  Red Pentas, red Geraniums, begonias, and Mexican salvia.  I recently picked up this large airplane plant (a free curb pickup) and put it in this galvanized wash tub and on this galvanized base with wheels.

The two concrete planters I bought for $20.00.  I have some plants to fill them in with. 

Here is my potting bench made with an antique cast iron sink. 
I just saw where someone planted one of these with plants and made it a planter.  It would be cute with succulents.  Only problem is that I don't have much luck with those.  I guess I over water.

You see the two pallets in the pictures?  These two pallets I found on the curb.  I am going to use them to create a wall.  I am watching for some free 4x4's and stack the pallets vertically and attach them to the posts.  I will be abe to hang garden art and plants from it.  I would like to find a couple more and create a second one and put them on the corner.  I will keep you posted on that project. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my garden.


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  1. wow, what you can do with a few cast-offs....I can't wait to see the wall you make with the pallets....

  2. your garden is really coming along, those pallets will make for some interesting additions

  3. I'm sure your home is beautiful. Sounds like it was a lot of work, but like you, I find so much satisfaction in hard work; and the end is always worth it! Love your garden! :)
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