Monday, September 10, 2012

New Space and unique re-make!

Hi everyone!  Things are still busy around here but the rain has let up and the weather is cooling down so I am gettig caught up on projects. I wanted to show you my new re-do.  I was inspired a piece that I saw at a local antique store.  It was an antique french looking clock whose guts had been removed and shabby white with a rough looking board inside.  There were glass shelves and a light was added and it was a curio cabinet now.  The inspiration piece was 7 or 8 foot tall and I fell in love with it.  It wasn't a terrible price.  $350.00. It was out of my price range.

One day I am browsing craigslist and I see a grandfather clock for ....well let's just say a low  low price with no guts in guts I mean the clock parts were gone.  I went to see it.  It was a made in China one abut 6 foot tall made with a cherry wood stain. It looked cheap but I said for this price I don't have much to lose.  I have seen some amazing makeovers with white paint so what the heck.

Here he is to begin with.

Taped for painting with the bottom door off.

The painting begins and here is where it gets weird.  I did not use primer.  I hate using primer and it is so more for paint with primer.  Well as I am painting the out side the white is turning pink.  I put on two coats and let them dry but it is still bleeding pink through.  So I prime it....yuk.  The inside bleeds through the primer pink....see below.

Nice if you are putting it in a little girls room!   I called a friend and asked what should I do turn to my other best friend....burlap and line it with burlap? She suggests using a different color and then I remember I have a pale gray.  Thank goodness this works.  I just painted the inside gray.

This clock was tricky to paint.  So many nooks and crannies and corners.  I had to use a q-tip to get in some of the little spaces.  I still found two more little spots I need to touch up.  I did not shabby it because I was not sure how the cherry would come through.  It is not perfect but I think someone will appreciate the unique idea.

Here it is.......

Don't look at the surrounding mess in my kitchen!   I added a light kit.  This one is flourescent.  I wasn't sure about it but I think it works. I simply drilled a little hole in the top to run the cord through and attached the round light with little screws. 

I had 3 pieces of glass cut for it but I think I only need two.  There is a niche in the top where one piece will sit and then I screwed in some molding for one half way down the bottom.   The glass was ready today but a friend who lives near there is picking it up tomorrow so I hope to get this to the shop then.  I have to figure out a price. 

Here are a few other pictures.

What do you think?

I also shifted to a bigger space at Alyssa's and I am so happy with it.  It is open and bright and more space to cram in my finds.

Sorry this picture is a little blurry.  On the right is a full dor with the top chalkboard.  In the middle a partial door....I have used this door to make a coffee table and it did not sell so I went another direction and made all the pieces into chalk boards....two were small.  This had 4 panels and was setting on the dresser.  You can also see the clock face that I pulled out of the clock here.

This is to the left of the picture above.  A door with no class backed with burlap and I hung a mirror on it.  In front of that small side tables stacked up and wrought iron in the corner.

You can see a bit of the dresser here but you can see more of it above.  It is topped with a french looking mirror with white shabby frames and silhouettes.

Love love love this metal table with a mirror top that I found a week or two ago at a yard sale!

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