Friday, May 31, 2013

Light Fixtures My Latest Passion! Did you miss me?

I apologize for not posting for this long.  I moved into a new antique store and it has kept me really busy.  Lately light fixtures have been my passion.  Let me share a couple.  First I found these lamps at an estate sale at $25 each they were a risk. They were giant 1960s or 1970s lamps with metal bases an antique brass sort of look and at one time would have had prisms.  The original lamp shades were in fairly good shape but were black. 

I spray painted them flat white.  I then stripped the material off the lamp shades and simply wrapped with burlap and hot glued.  It only took me about 1 hour for each shade.   Sorry but I cannot find the before.
  You can see one of the lamps in the picture on the right.

Here is another picture of the table lamp. The shade is a little crooked here.  I don't have an up close shot but I used rub and buff in an antique gold the accent the carvings.  I sold the pair of lamps within a week of putting in my booth.  Above the table lamp you can see another lamp I made.  This was just an antique brass piece that I saw and thought it looked like a barrel shade.  I have no idea what it was was about 11 inches tall and 13 inches across and it had three little hook type things that I tied the rope to and I cut a piece of luan for the top.I used the copper patina rub and buff and the antique gold on the metal.  I then simply put a light kit and hot glued the burlap inside the metal frame and trimmed it out and then hot glued a matching ribbon inside.

Here is a picture up close.

This lamp took a little longer to sale but it did sale! 


I will be sharing this at:

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